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I'm a writer who likes science fiction, fantasy, mystery, sweet romance, children's, young adult, regency, and more. I'm never sure how to brand myself because I like all sorts of books! Oh, and my last name is pronounced "Roll-Key."

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The Girl and the Dragon


This is an exciting (and scary) time for me. My first longer story with strong Christian themes to be published, and a rather highly personal story. I started this book when I was about fifteen. It took me a long time to finish it, including a break of several years struggling with depression when I couldn't work on it at all. But I knew it was one of the things I wanted to finish in my life, and that I couldn't just give up no matter how worthless and hopeless everything in my life seemed. Because I had to finish this story someday.

It was also highly cathartic, whatever its flaws. I was able to use this story to figure out some things I needed to figure out, about my faith, about being myself, about not giving up, etc. It sounds trite, I suppose, but this was a very important book for me.

I am so grateful for MuseItUp and my amazing editors and cover artist who helped me make this story better and bring it to life. Words can't express... They should be able to, because I am a writer, after all, but... they can't. It just really means a lot.

If even one teenage girl reads this story and it means half as much to her as it meant to me writing it, I'll be very touched.

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The End of the World...?

Absolute Write Watercooler's December 2012 Blog Chain Participant

When I was young, it seemed like there was always something about the world ending. One of the earliest stories I wrote took place in a post-apocalypse world. (It was called The Kosher Pig, and no, I never finished it.)

I used to be scared silly by every forecast of the world ending, nuclear winter, Armageddon, WW3, Y2K, etc. Everyone had opinions and scary predictions--and many of them seemed to want to sell you something to help You Alone Survive When Your Neighbors Don't.

It all scared me senseless, if I'm honest.
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Space Station Murders | Those With Guns | Peaches In Winter | The Girl and the Dragon

science fiction / mystery / buddy story ebook novella
The Space Station Murders (from the publisher)
The Space Station Murders (on Amazon)

SF/action short story:
Those With Guns (from the publisher)
Those With Guns (on Amazon)

sweet romance:
Peaches In Winter (from the publisher)
Peaches In Winter (on Amazon)

Christian YA fantasy:
The Girl and the Dragon (from the publisher)
The Girl and the Dragon (on Amazon)

These stories are also available from other online vendors. For story excerpts, see publisher's pages.

ebook coming soon:
Watch Over Me, a YA fantasy romance novel with a shapeshifter

links regarding my stories:

Here's a brief review of my short story "A Gentlewoman's Guide to Time Travel"

...and a brief positive mention of "The Space Station Murders!"

Also I forgot to post this link!! I was interviewed by my dear line editor, Penny:

And The Girl and the Dragon is now available on Amazon, though they don't have the correct cover up yet: The Girl and the Dragon on Amazon!
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Red Cross Donations from MuseItUp Publishing

Sometimes I'm really proud of my publisher:

MuseItUp Publishing may be a Canadian house but our authors come from all over the world, especially the United States where Sandy has caused horrific damage to our neighbours.

For the entire month of November, with any purchase made from our MuseItUp Bookstore, we will donate 10% of the purchase price to the Red Cross toward the devastation caused by Sandy. On behalf of all of us at MuseItUp Publishing we'd like to thank you for your support.


Please feel free to forward this message.

Lea Schizas
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The Girl and the Dragon, by Alice M. Roelke

My YA Christian fantasy story "The Girl and the Dragon" is available for pre-order now (20 percent off) from my publisher, MuseItUp: http://bit.ly/RgGihy

It'll be available for download November 9, and through Amazon and other vendors soon afterwards. :)

If anyone wants a review copy so they can write a review for Amazon, their blog, etc., just let me know. I have the final version in epub, pdf, prc, and html formats. :) Thank you!

"A slave girl and a dragon on the run for their lives seek the cure for a plague, and redemption."

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