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The End of the World...?

Absolute Write Watercooler's December 2012 Blog Chain Participant

When I was young, it seemed like there was always something about the world ending. One of the earliest stories I wrote took place in a post-apocalypse world. (It was called The Kosher Pig, and no, I never finished it.)

I used to be scared silly by every forecast of the world ending, nuclear winter, Armageddon, WW3, Y2K, etc. Everyone had opinions and scary predictions--and many of them seemed to want to sell you something to help You Alone Survive When Your Neighbors Don't.

It all scared me senseless, if I'm honest.

Then I got older, and somewhat inured. And now it bores me silly, but with an added bitter edge of irritation that I was gullible enough and people were unkind enough to scare Young Me with all this nonsense.

You see, I never planned what I was going to do with my life, because I never thought the world would last long enough.

All this stuff about the apocalypse, zombies, and the world ending? It bores me now, but it also makes me angry. I wasted so much of my life believing in this sort of thing. Now I wonder what other impressionable young people are being indoctrinated by this highly prevalent attitude. And I think it's incredibly dysfunctional.

The world ends in little ways every day--for every teenager with a breakup, every person who loses a family member, every kid whose pet dies. But you know what? People get up. They move on. They heal.

I believe human beings need to help each other get up and keep living, NOT focus on all the bad possibilities and how we'll be reduced to keeping our neighbors away with shotguns. Otherwise, are we really living at all?

And you know what? If the world ended tomorrow, wouldn't it be better to spend the last day really LIVING, and loving and caring about people and not staying in a fear-based, curmudgeonly, hoarding and defeatist mentality?

When it comes down to it, people have thought the world was about to end for a very long time. Plagues in the Middle Ages. Each World War. The Cold War.... Let's face it, there have been a lot of times it's seemed like the world was going to end: and not without reason to those experiencing it.

But ultimately, I think it's the height of pride to believe that our troubles are worse than any other, or our difficulties (both personal and throughout the whole world) more insurmountable than any others: that WE are THE generation, and THIS IS IT!

The truth is we can't know. We can only trust in God (well, for me anyway--others may have other beliefs) and live each day at a time--and keep making plans for the future, instead of fearfully thinking The World Will End Before I'm An Adult Anyway.

So no, I have no time for apocalypse news, predictions, movies, books, or sales pitches. I've wasted enough of my life with the end of the world.

Now it's time to live.

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Nicely put. ^_^

The thing that always strikes me about apocalyptic stuff is that after the dust settles in the movies and stuff, the world is still here and hasn't actually ended. It used to make me laugh, but yeah, now it's just so overdone.

It's so great that you don't let stuff like that bother you anymore. ^_^
Thanks for your comment. :)

I really needed to get that off my chest! :)
Well said!

Diane D.
Thanks! :)

End of the world

I'm with you! Up until I finished high school, I worried about world war 3 and nuclear explosions because my mother lived 30 miles away from Hiroshima when it was bombed (she was only 3) and she still remembered the mushroom in the sky.

Re: End of the world

That sounds really scary... :(


End of the World

What an insightful read! Well-written. Happy you were able to overcome the doom and gloom with so much hope and promise. Great attitude.


Re: End of the World

Thank you!! :)


Well put. I remember Y2K and watching San Diego have a panic attack. After a time one does quit listening to it, now 122112 is a fleeting thought.
I think your right that we need to take it one day at a time and trust God (or what/who our god is) to take care of the rest.
Thank you! I agree with you so much. :)
My youngest sister used to have constant nightmares and fears regarding the end of the world. She was terrified the rapture was going to skip her. And my other sister claims she rushed into her first marriage because she was afraid the world would end before she got married otherwise. Myself, I cling to Matthew 24:6 and try not to focus on the what-ifs. Like Brandon Heath's song says; "And if we're living history, how will they think of you and me?"
That is so sad about your sisters. It's no isolated, either, as far as I can tell. :( :( With fruit like that it makes you wonder about the seeds being sown for young people today in religious community.......

Thank you very much for your comment (and sorry for my delay relying)
Excellent post. I remember Y2K. I was young and impressionable, and even though I didn't really believe the world was going to end, I did fill up my bathtub with water, lol! Like that would save me or something. Yep, rolling my eyes at myself right now.

People have told end times tales for ages--it's seems like we're always in the "end times." I hear it all the time. I heard it ten years ago, I hear it now, and I'm sure I'll hear it while on my death bed. You know, assuming the world doesn't end before then. :)
Hey, it's always good to have extra water on hand. :) I don't have a problem with being prepared for emergencies, after all, there's always storms and power outages and such. Thanks very much for your comment! :)

Roelke to Roelke

I'm sorry. :o(

What you said was very touching to me. I see things differently now. Too bad I didn't see it when you were a child. Like I said ... I'm sorry.

You really said this well, with depth of thought and expression. Keep sharing. Your writing helps all who read it to think deeper and gain new insights. Love, M